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Bamboo LeafFacial and Body Waxing

Our therapists are experts in hair removal and strive to make every client’s experience pleasant and stress-free. We pride ourselves on being thorough, clean, and professional.

We use a combination of soft and hard wax depending on the client’s sensitivity. Soft wax is removed with a cloth strip, whereas hard wax is removed without a strip, in one piece. We typically use soft wax for both facial and body waxing. Hard wax is used on clients with sensitive skin and on sensitive areas of the body, such as the bikini line and during Brazilians.

Eyebrow Design

Let us help you define your perfect arch and shape. Great for those seeking a new look, or for maintenance. An easy way to enhance your natural beauty.

Typically 20-30 min: $20

Facial Waxing

Let our experts neatly and quickly keep unwanted fuzz away from your lip, chin, nose, forehead, or sides of the face. Facial waxing only takes minutes, while the results can last weeks.

Upper Lip: $10
Chin: $12
Cheek/Sideburn: $15
Forehead: $15
Nose: $15
Full Face: $55

Body Waxing

Let our experts help you get those hard to reach places. Say goodbye to unwanted hair from the back, legs, arms, chest, and bikini area, and hello to longer lasting smoothness.

Back (Full): $60
Back (Partial): $35
Full Leg: $70
1/2 Leg (Lower): $40
1/2 Leg (Upper): $35
Full Arm: $40
1/2 Arm: $30
Bikini Line: $35
Brazilian: $55
Chest: $45
Stomach: $30
Shoulder: $25
Underarm: $20

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